We always welcome new patients

I hear a lot of patients ask our receptionists what my first appointment at the practice will be like, so I decided to explain who we are and what you can expect here at Upton Dental as a new dental patient.

My name is Hennie and I’m the practice owner and clinical lead here at Upton Dental and Implant Centre.

We are always very happy to welcome new patients to our practice. We are a friendly team of dentists, therapists, hygienists, nurses and reception staff who will always do our best to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

You will always see the same dentist when you come back for future appointments. A lot of our new patients complained that they never seem to see the same dentist at their previous practices.

We very much appreciate that the dentist is not everybody’s favourite place to visit and that is why I feel the least we can do is to try to make your visit as pleasurable as possible.

When we see you for the first time, we will do a thorough examination to see what has been done in your mouth in the past. We will make sure all your fillings, crowns and dentures are in a good condition, your gums are healthy, we will do an oral cancer check, check for any cavities, check for out of the ordinary wear patterns and check for any signs of infection.

We will use our digital x-rays to have a look under your fillings and crowns to make sure they are not leaking, there is no signs of infection around the roots and that the gums are healthy. After this we will sit you up and discuss what we saw and what we recommend. It all may sound daunting, but you will not experience any discomfort during the whole visit.

You will get a printout of the treatment we recommend and an estimate and time scale of future appointments. If you have any questions, we will answer them either on the day of your check-up or you can contact us afterwards. Charlotte, our treatment co-ordinator, is always on hand to answer any questions.

All we do is tell you what we think is best for you to have done to keep your mouth healthy and pain free, but ultimately it is your decision whether you want to go ahead with the recommended treatment or not.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you here at Upton Dental.

Hennie van der Merwe
01202 631900
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