General dentistry in Poole

When you trust Upton Dental to take care of your general dentistry needs you can be certain of one thing above all others: all aspects of dentistry are equally important to us. You’ll receive the same high standard of service whether you come to us for a regular examination or major restorative work.

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      Check ups

      At Upton Dental & Implant Clinic we know that every smile is unique. Regular check ups are advised to complement a good daily oral health routine and to provide a preventative approach to dental issues. Click below to find out more.

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      Emergency appointments

      If you’re in pain or discomfort, and you need to see a dentist urgently, we can help you. Talk to one of our friendly Upton Dental & Implant Clinic team immediately and we will make sure that you’re seen by one of our dentists as soon as possible.

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      Hygienist services

      Regular visits to your hygienist puts you in the best position for detecting any oral health problems. Upton Dental & Implant Clinic hygienists are trained to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums Click below to find out more.

      Book an appointment

      If you'd like to get in touch with our team to book an appointment for any of our available treatments, click below.

        Our treatments

        Learn more about other solutions we can provide including teeth straightening and dental implants in Kilsyth

          Taking oral hygiene to heart

          Although we understand that poor dental care can lead to poor dental health, our teeth act as the gateway to the body, so ensuring that you have stellar oral hygiene will ensure you avoid more serious health conditions.

            Regrettably, our NHS services ended on 30th November 2023 We explored all available options to carry on providing NHS services, but unfortunately these were exhausted, and we had no alternative but to hand back our contract and stop providing NHS services as of 30st November 2023. If you would like to find a new practice that accepts NHS patients, you can use the NHS find a dentist service.