Fixed Braces in Poole

Often, teeth need to be guided more accurately than they can be using a removable brace. So, either a fixed metal brace or a fixed ceramic brace is used. These has brackets and bands which are temporarily stuck to the teeth. A flexible wire joins all the brackets and allows the teeth to be moved. You can’t take the appliance out yourself, so it is called a fixed appliance.

    What are my fixed brace options?

    Traditional braces are metal, but you also have the option of choosing ceramic braces, which are made to match the colour of your teeth and are a more discreet option. After a thorough assessment of your teeth, your orthodontist will adhere the brackets to the front of your teeth which will connect with either arch (made from either wire or elastic). 

    Fixed Braces In Poole
    Orthodontics Fixed Braces

    What's involved in the treatment?

    Your Poole dentist will start with an initial consultation taking x-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth. From here you will receive a tailored treatment plan explaining your treatment options and costs. 

    Every 6 - 8 weeks subsequent visits are required, allowing adjustments to be made, getting you one step closer to your dream smile. After this stage is completed you will then have removable retainers to maintain your new smile.

    The time is takes for your braces to work their magic is dependent on the severity of your case. This means that cost will also vary from patient to patient as some people will need braces on for longer.

    Will I be able to eat and drink as normal?

    To avoid any damage to your teeth or braces, you'll need to steer clear of the following during your treatment:

    • Sugary snacks and drinks between meals
    • Anything particularly sticky, hard or chewy
    • Fizzy drinks and large quantities of fruit juice

    Will I be able to play contact sports? 

    Absolutely, but you'll need to wear a mouth guard. We can custom-make you a mouthguard to wear over your braces. To find out more speak to one of the Station House Dental & Implant Clinic dentists.

    Will I be able to play a musical instrument?

    Fixed braces can make it trickier to play wind or brass instruments. Most patients quickly adapt, but you should discuss this with your orthodontists. They might recommend a removable brace, which can be taken out for performances. 

    Can I Eat And Drink As Normal

    Plans and fees

    We have provide a handy fee guide to help you understand the cost of your dental treatment. Click below to find out more.

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