Dental Hygienist

Maintaining oral health and avoiding gum disease

We recommend that all our patients visit our hygienists regularly, so we can help you set up a maintenance plan that’s right for you. This will be anything but a hardship – our hygienists are friendly and helpful and our patients always leave feeling positive about their oral health and with sound knowledge on how they can keep their teeth and gums healthy.

During your visit your hygienist will carry out a very thorough examination, showing you the most effective way to clean in between your teeth using interdental brushes or floss to remove the bacterial plaque.

Preventing gum disease is a major focus of a visit to our hygienists. If plaque isn’t removed properly it can cause gum inflammation and lead to hard deposits on your teeth. While you’re with us, your hygienist will gently remove soft tartar (hard deposits) from your teeth as well as plaque and staining. They will also advise you on oral hygiene and cleaning aids to help keep your mouth feeling fresh, clean and healthy.

Since joining us in 2014 our hygienists have proved very popular with our patients, who tell us they appreciate their gentle, caring manner and willingness to explain everything in just the right amount of detail. This does mean that visits are in great demand, so please make sure you book your appointment well in advance.