Dental Fillings

From simple amalgam fillings to ‘white’ fillings for more natural-looking teeth

At Upton Dental we believe in offering our patients a full range of appropriate treatments, so you’re free to make an informed choice to suit your own priorities and budget.

Some people find that they become conscious of their amalgam or ‘silver’ fillings when they smile widely or laugh – one of the reasons why ‘white’ (or more accurately ‘tooth-coloured’) fillings have become so popular. We’ll be happy to provide mercury-free restorations of this kind if that’s what you’re looking for – whether as new treatments or to replace older fillings. Modern materials mean that tooth-coloured filings can now offer the same endurance and performance as the traditional amalgam option.

With a wide selection of shades available, we can ensure a natural look, helping patients who feel self-conscious when laughing or smiling. Equally, we’re pleased to provide basic amalgam fillings if this tried-and-tested solution is what you’re happy with.

What are white fillings?

Mainly constructed from tiny glass particles and synthetic resin, so-called ‘white’ fillings are a natural-looking alternative to traditional amalgam. For some time, they were considered to be less durable and long-lasting than the traditional variety, but new materials have ensured this need no longer be the case.

How long your white filling will last depends on where in the mouth it is fitted and the strength of your bite. At Upton Dental we’ll take great care to advise you on suitability based on your individual circumstances.

How we carry out fillings at Upton Dental

Before we fill any tooth, we’ll take care to make sure that this is the best course of action, looking at any alternatives and looking at the wider picture of your oral health.

  • The treatment begins with anaesthesia – we want to make sure that you stay comfortable throughout and don’t need to worry about feeling any pain.
  • Your dentist will then gently remove any decay using a drill, shaping the space to make sure it’s ready to receive the filling.
  • Next the filling itself is fitted, making sure that its appearance will be as unobtrusive as possible. This process can vary according to the type of filling being fitted. In some cases, resin will be applied in layers and strengthened using a bright light.
  • Your dentist will make finish by making any final adjustments to ensure the tooth’s aesthetic qualities are maintained, and that your bite isn’t compromised.