Modern, natural-looking dentures

Fitting dentures that fit well, perform properly and look right

While our dentists make every effort to help patients to keep their teeth for life, it’s sometimes necessary to replace missing teeth with partial or full dentures. Upton Dental staff are highly experienced in accurate measurement and provision of dentures of all kinds, including acrylic dentures, flexible dentures, chrome dentures or implant retained dentures.

The benefits of having your dentures accurately fitted and soundly made are enormous. As well as offering a more natural appearance, well-constructed dentures provide support for cheeks and lips. They can help you enjoy your food more fully than you may have done for years – and getting the fit right can also mean replacing gaps which may otherwise become clogged with food, causing tooth decay or even gum disease.

It’s also worth noting that well fitted dentures can also help people enjoy their social life to the full – eating, talking and laughing with renewed confidence.

For truly exceptional results, dentures can be kept in place using implants. Our lead clinician, Hennie van der Merwe, is highly experienced in placing dental implants and will be pleased to talk through your options with you.