Dental Veneers

Transform the appearance of stained, chipped and even crooked teeth – with cost-effective dental veneers

Chips and stains can have a major effect on your self confidence. But many people put up with them for longer than they should because they fear that the treatment might be too intensive or costly.

Dental veneers are a highly effective way to correct the appearance of damaged teeth – and the process is beautifully simple. This is how it works:

A thin porcelain veneer is bonded onto the front surface, so very little of the underlying tooth needs to be removed. This means that just one or two appointments are all that may be needed to address a problem that could have been bothering you for years. The results are natural-looking teeth and a rejuvenated smile.

Many people think of veneers as nothing more than a way to treat discoloured teeth. But they can be used to achieve much more than this:

  • Close gaps and conceal alignment issues
  • Cover chips and blemishes
  • Conceal wear and tear
  • Transform shape and colour

Call Upton Dental and we’ll see if dental veneers would be the right choice for you.