Teeth Whitening Treatments

Fast, effective treatment to help you achieve a younger, brighter smile

Teeth whitening is a treatment which seems to grow more in popularity each year. It’s hardly surprising, since it’s a fast, effective and safe way to transform the appearance of your smile.

Over the course of time, teeth can easily become stained or discoloured – all the more so if coffee, red wine or smoking are involved! Tooth whitening can erase the stains and discolouring which people have sometimes been putting up with for decades. Our patients tell us that the results make them feel years younger and give them renewed self confidence.

How teeth whitening works

Teeth whitening works by simply lightening the natural colour of your teeth.  After an impression is taken, a laboratory technician constructs flexible plastic trays which are carefully designed to fit around the teeth. These trays hold the whitening gel in position and are worn for up to eight hours each day – this can be done while you’re sleeping.

One of the great advantages of teeth whitening is the fact that it doesn’t take long to see very clear results. Usually you’ll notice the difference in just one or two weeks. The effects can last as long as you want them to… all you need do is repeat the treatment for one night every couple of months.