Dental bridges

Replacing adjacent teeth without the need for partial dentures

If you have been left with a gap in your smile, whether you’re missing a single tooth or several, fitting a dental bridge is an aesthetically satisfying and cost-effective option to return your smile to normal.

As well as providing a cosmetically successful solution to lost teeth, bridges can save patients from the inconvenience of watering partial dentures. A mainstay of reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry for a good many years, dental bridges offer consistently good results.

How dental bridges are fitted

Bridges consist of a false tooth, or teeth, which are supported by your own teeth. To fit a bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap are gently shaped, and an impression is taken. When the technician constructs the bridge they also make the extra tooth, which is held between the two crowns. When the bridge is ready you return to us here at our Poole practice, where your dentist then cements the whole piece into place.

In recent years the quality of materials used has improved significantly, so we’re now pleased to be able to supply realistic bridges made from all-porcelain materials. These bridges combine excellent performance with a more natural-looking smile.