Dental Crowns

Preserving teeth and improving smiles with long-lasting porcelain or metal crowns

Dental crowns are a well-established dental treatment which can address all manner of issues. As well as greatly improving the appearance of damaged or unsightly teeth, crowns are often used to preserve teeth which might otherwise be lost.

At Upton Dental we use crowns to build up a tooth that has been heavily filled, weakened by decay, chipped or broken. Available in a wide variety of shapes and shades, your crowns will always be bespoke-made to suit your the individual needs.

We begin the process by taking accurate measurements to ensure the crown will fit snugly over the remaining tooth structure and sit easily amongst the rest of your teeth. Our aim is always to provide you with a natural-looking crown which will blend in with your smile.

When it’s time to fit the crown, your tooth will be gently prepared so its remaining structure provides a strong base onto which the crown is then bonded.

Choosing the material that suit you

We can supply and fit crowns made from a choice of materials, including highly durable porcelain, combinations of metal and ceramic, or a high gold alloy alone. We’ll discuss all your options before work commences, so you can be sure you will be completely happy with your choice.